Friday, January 16, 2009

Who would be interested in a Weekly Challenge?

Hi All
I did a Peter Pan layout this afternoon that I had been meaning to do for months, which I will post in the gallery tomorrow.
It inspired me to thinking ... I was wondering ... I would like Scrapping The Magic to be more than just a shop and I thought that it may be a lovely idea to have a weekly challenge like I have seen on some other craft websites. Of course it would have to be mainly Disney / Themed! If anyone thinks that they may be interested in participating then please let me know - I would run this via my Blog. I know that most of you have been to Disney and if you are like me - you have loads of photos!! So - each week I would set a theme - for example Fantasyland - or Small World and then we could all see what we could come up with! It doesnt have to be items you have bought from me! Then also other people can be inspired who are perhaps new to scrapbooking or are a bit stuck for an idea.

If you dont want your family to be on " display" then you can always cover the photos of people up with a blank piece of card .. Let me know what you think... and please email me if you are interested in taking part

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