Friday, January 30, 2009


Whenever we go to Disneyland Paris or WDW we always have to go to Casey's Corner for a Hot Dog - I can take it or leave it but the Boys MUST have one!! So this time we went it inspired me to think of a layout so I took some photos of Casey's Sign and also other bits and bobs to use as embellishements for this layout!

I used: Magic 12" x 12" by Creative Imaginations, 2 x Hot Dog Die cuts by PaperHouse productions and a few little Mrs Grossmans stickers that I found in my stash!

It was very simple and easy to create. I firstly printed off the photos that I wanted to use - then trimmed them, including the photos I wanted to use for embellishments. Then I decided to back them in Yellow to match the paper and also to contrast with the red. I did fiddle around with all the bits and pieces for a few mins while I decided how best to arrange the items, then used double sided sticky tape to attach everything! I printed off my caption from my Printer using a Disney Font that I have downloaded - and that is about it!

Hope it doesnt make you tooooo hungry looking at it! My boys loved this layout when they came down this morning!!

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