Sunday, August 30, 2009

"A Day at Disney" Around The World in 8 Hats by Debra

This is Debra's 2nd entry for my Challenge - Around the World in 8 Hats - at Epcot! This is such a fun layout - I bet that you will all want to try this when you next go to Epcot!! I know we will! The background colour has been kept simple with a compass / World theme to go with Epcot and it shows off the great photos beautifully. This is what Debra has to say: " 'Around the world in 8 hats' was from our 2007 holiday, we went to every country in one day in Epcot and I had my photo taken wearing a hat from that country. When we came home I picked my favourites to make this lo, it was a great record of our day at Epcot." The journalling is great and quite reminiscent of a great explorerer travelling around the world and documenting their travels! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" A Disney Day By Debra

This is Debra's First Entry for my Challenge - A Disney Day. This is a fabulous simple let effective layout. There are so many photos here that the design is kept simple with a little bit of Bling and a Colourful Disney Title. The colours are lovely - and can you see the slightly hidden Mickey stamp? This is what Debra says about her "Disney Day": " 'A Disney day' was from our holiday this year in Jan and what a busy day it was! We met the Mayor on Main Street and Daisy Duck, saw the day and nightime parades, tried to lift the sword from the stone, travelled on a riverboat, had a character dining dinner at Liberty Tree tavern, saw the castle lit up with its Christmas lights and stayed for the fireworks." Wow - what alot they managed to do!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"A Day at Disney" Disneyland California by Karen

This is Karen's entry to my Challenge - A Day at Disneyland in California! This is a fabulous layout which documents their whole day - and what alot they managed to do -Karen describes their typical Disney Day: "Character breakfast in Goofy's Kitchen, obligatory photo with Mickey and Walt, first ride is always It's A Small World, lunch in Toontown, meeting Mickey in his house, Toy Story Mania - great ride! - meeting Silvermist, finished off with a Princess meal in Ariel's Grotto!" I love the way that the photos are presented in this all the way round the Mickey ears in the middle, and your eye is therefore also drawn towards the journalling in the centre, Lovely typical Disney colours, and bling on the Mickey Ears too! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"A Day at Disney" A Day at Discovery Cove by Alison

This is Alison's 2nd entry to my Challenge: A Day at Discovery Cove (SeaWorld) This is a beautiful layout and it is so bright and colourful in red and green with the blue coming in from the water in the photos! I love the little fishes paper at the bottom. I would love to swim with the Dolphins one day - this looks like such a fantastic serene place away from the usual hustle and bustle of the theme parks! The rounded edges to all the photos and quotes are lovely and the font for the title goes really well. Most of all I love the journalling chosen to really reflect this Wonderful day that Alison had at Discovery Cove! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" The Studios by Rachel

This is Rachel's 2nd entry to my Blog - The Studios! - MGM Studios in WDW. I love this double page layout - The first side shows the classic Mickey Sorceror hat and underneath a series of photos from popular rides, I love the Title going in a curve like that with "Disney MGM" coloured Bling underneath - it looks very effective. The 2nd page is crammed with photos of their day: Rides, characters and more! The whole thing really captures the essence of the Studios and again - the little stars down the side and the gems again tie the whole thing in together nicely. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" Around The World in Just 1 Day by Rachel

This is Rachel's 1st entry to my Challenge -"Around The World in Just One Day" - Epcot Worldshowcase! A fantastic layout with so many photos! I think there must be a photo from each country around the world showcase! The black background sets off the photos nicely and the colour from the embellishments tie in with the photos to reflect how colourful the World Showcase is! I love the Mickey Lettering too! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"A Day at Disney" Around the World in 80 Mins by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 4th entry - and where else can you go "Around The World in 80 Minutes "... well - Epcot World Showcase of course!!! This wonderful layout although it has a plain classic Disney black background the composition is very bright and colourful - the flowers are a lovely touch - as there are so many plants and flowers in Epcot! And they also match the hat in the photo too!! I love the use of the pressed pennies - makes very different and unusual embellishments. So many photos here showing what a wonderful time they all had! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" Magic Kingdom - 1st Day Ever! By Kirsteen

This is Kirsteens 3rd entry - Magic Kingdom in August 2005 - this was their very first day ever at the Magic Kingdom!!! What a "Magical" Place to start with!! This is a brilliant layout with careful positioning of the photos to span both sides of the layout. I love the postcard which has been used to hold the brochures and tickers - a wonderful idea. The photos are lovely too - capturing Cinderella's castle and the surrounding gardens. A little bit of bling along the top gives it a little Disney sparkle! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" The Amazing Adventures of ... By Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 2nd entry: The Amazing Adventures of ... documenting a Day in the Islands of Adventure - in a fantastic Comic Strip style! This is certainly an "Amazing" layout - the photos capture the essence of the main themes of the park and the sizing and positioning of the great photos works really well with the black matting and the white background. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" Gatorland by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteens 1st entry to my Challenge: Gatorland - Orlando's oldest Theme Park. This is a stunning layout - I love the textured cardstock - the green is very striking against the yellow of the journalling. The lettering on the journalling is very neat and precise and the shading adds a lovely touch. Even the wrist band is incorporated along with a postcard - which is great to see used as embellishments. I also love the way it looks as though a gator has had a bite out of the photos!!! The photos are fantastic! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"A Day at Disney" - Day at the Movies by Becky

This is Becky's entry for my challenge " A Day at the Movies". Great "MGM" colours used for this layout and I love the cute Mickey embellishment with the camera. The journalling documents all that they did and the fun that they had which can be seen in the photos. Again - like before the rounded corners are a lovely touch. The title stickers with the little stars match Mickey's hat perfectly as does the bling gems which are really lovely - great to see a little bit of sparkle in a layout! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"A Day at Disney" - The Magic of Disney by Alison

This is my 1st entry to my Challenge this month "The Magic of Disney" by Alison. I love the circular cardstock in white against the lovely blue background - perfect colours to go with the Donald embellishment and the parade. Documenting a day at the Animal Kingdom and I really love the rounded corners of the photos and the positioning of them down the side of a larger photo works really well. The lettering is cut using a Cricut - Mickey Font which is perfect for this layout! Thank You and Good Luck xx