Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Items Added to my Store

I managed to list some more items in some of the other themes last night! I had to do most of it jiggling Harry on my knee as he just doesnt seem to go to sleep anymore!!! I have listed the PIRATES, FAIRYTALE, DINOSAURS, OUTERSPACE and also the DISNEYLAND PARIS postcards. I have started the Zoo section but then surprise surprise Harry woke up from his rather short nap! It is like his brain is tuned into mine - I sit down to do something and his brain clicks into action!! He does like staring at some of the stickers as I list them! in particular the pirate flag ones - I suppose as they are black and white he can see them quite clearly! Hopefully I can get some more items listed tonight!! Neil has sorted out the GUESTBOOK and also the NEWSLETTER sign up page now so all is well!!
speak soon

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