Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Magical Christmas" Dogs in the Snow by Frances

This is Frances entry to my challenge: Dogs in the Snow! How cute is this! I can't believe how much fun they are having, you can tell by their faces! You wouldnt think that they would love it this much! Such great photos, and the cute little border at the bottom is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the way the photos have been shaped, as well as all the lovely embellishments and phrases! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Items!

We have uploaded lots of new items this week so do take a peek in our shop! We are also going a bit flower mad at the moment and have these gorgeous Roses in 20 colours to upload this evening as well as the New Prima flowers arriving soon and some leaves and cherry blossoms to upload later this week! Hope you like them xx

I will be adding some of the Prima Flowers that we have on order to my Coming Soon page in the next few days!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Magical Christmas" A Grand Surprise by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 4th entry: "A Grand Surprise with love Mickey and Minnie!" Kirsteen says: "While we were on our honeymoon we came back to our room one night to find this little gift from Mickey and Minnie waiting for us. " This is another beautiful layout, the lovely embellishments set it all off perfectly, the pink matches the other LO's and just enough Christmas accents for it too as it was a honeymoon afterall! i love the 2 little love birds! What a great surprise from Mickey and Minnie too! I love the Grand Floridian hotel and what a fab place to stay on your honeymoon! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Magical Christmas" Twinkle by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 3rd entry, and I love the title "Twinkle" very apt for this beautiful layout of the Christmas lights twinkling in the gardens at night at the Grand Floridian hotel. Just enough Christmas embellishments and a gorgeous pink colour like the others in the album, 6"x12" again, The title has been made up of different alphabets and is very effective. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Magical Christmas" Gingerbread House by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteens 2nd entry to my Challenge: Gingerbread House, in the same 6x12 format as the others as they form part of her Honeymoon Album from Dec 2007. I just love the Gingerbread House in the Grand Floridian and this LO captures it all so lovely! There is just enough sweetness with the sugar pink colour and I love the embellishments, especially the beautiful flower. I also love the way the recipe is displayed as part of the layout too! Mmmmm yummy yummy, I can almost imagine just how this smells as you walk into the lobby of the Grand Floridian! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Magical Christmas" Return 2 Splash Mountain by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 1st entry to my Challenge, "Return 2 Splash Mountain" I love the "splash mountain" colours of this layout, and as it was a Honeymoon in WDW in December 2007 there are little Christmassy elements in this too. Lovely embellishments and scrapped on 12"x6" format which makes a change and can show just how much you can fit onto half of a 12x12 sheet! This is what Kirsteen has to say about her LO: "...DH and I riding Splash Mountain very late at night in December 2007 after we have been at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It was freezing! It was no wonder we were the only ones on the ride!! lol It's called Return to Splash Mountain as it was our second time on this ride. It was the first ride DH rode on our first trip in 2005..." Well, braver than me as I have only been on this once and certainly wouldnt go on it in the cold!!! Thank You and Good Luck xx