Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love the Music from Epcot on my own WDW album and I have found some to listen to on my playlist! Hope you like it! xx

May's Challenge Will Be Called ...

"Love a Parade!" I will post more details on my Website tomorrow - Thank You everyone for voting and I may do another vote at the end of this month for June's Challenge or I may use the 2nd place vote which was "Splash" - not sure yet!! So get Scrapping those Parade Photos!!!

"Inside & Under Sleeping Beauty's Castle" By Helen

This is a pretty layout from Helen " Sleeping Beautys Castle" in Disneyland Paris - Inside and Outside! The lovely blue background matches the blue sky and the pink writing and accents match the Castle, great use of ribbons and journalling too! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't forget that the deadline for Entries to this month's challenge is tomorrow evening! I will be announcing the winner on Friday Evening... and also sending out the discount codes to everyone else. My May kit is hopefully going to be ready after the weekend now as I am still waiting for some big deliveries containing the items that I need!!! I thought that I gave myself more than enough time but it is hard when relying on suppliers! Looks like I will need to start planning my kits for June now!!! Anyway - I hope that you will love them ( choice of 2!)

"WDW 2005 - Magic Kingdom" By Diane

This is Diane's entry for my Challenge - from their first trip to WDW in 2005. A lovely layout with great photos - and I especially love the gold stars and the WDW border at the bottom! Thank You Diane and Good Luck xx

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Goof Troop" by Kirsteen

"Goof Troop" is Kirsteen's 4th entry - and it is a lovely photo of her "Goof Troop" in front of the castle, The writing on the photo is a lovely idea - and I love the chipboard letters and the Goofy Green colours that give this layout a wonderful accent. Thank You again for your entries and Good Luck xx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots more entries added this morning ... and it sooooooo makes me want to go to WDW again!!!! I am hoping that we may be able to go NEXT YEAR !!! woo hoo!! if I can save up!! (Which isnt going well at the moment as I keep spending all my money on more items for my shop!!...STOP PRESS!!! 2 big boxes of items have just turned up!!!! so I am off now to sort it all out and hopefully get it all listed today!!! LOADS of new SCRAPBOOK PAPERS!!! Wow!!

"Four Parks" 07 by Loralee

This is Loralee's 2nd entry - and features the Park Icons on a lovely Disney Blue background - extra brownie points for using my Disney Style Printed Card!! It looks great!! The photos have been laid out lovely - and The Mickey Frame works well! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Four Parks" 05 by Loralee

This is Loralees 1st entry for my Challege - and the other icons, Tree of Life and Mickey's Hat are on her little girls T Shirt! Very clever! I like the way you have cut out the circles on the scrapbook paper and used them on your layout. A really great layout in lovely colours, Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Tree of Life" by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 3rd Entry " Tree of Life". Sometimes less is more -and this is one of those layouts which may only have 1 photo and a few embellishments - but it is really lovely and very effective. The ribbon and flowers are a lovely touch, and the wording works perfectly, Shows how you can do different layouts - that still show your lovely photos - but not totally Disney ...Thank You again, and Good Luck xx

"Universal Studios" by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteens 2nd layout - for Universal Studios - in Orlando. The background colour compliments the black outline of the photos and the wording matches perfectly, The pocket for the park map is great - and where better to keep your park maps - than in your Scrapbook!!! It is great to see some Universal layouts! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Four Parks" by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteens 1st entry to my challenge - featuring all the 4 park icons, in lovely classic Disney World colour blue! Creative use of layering of paper with the journalling, really lovely photos - a great layout! Thank You, and Good Luck xx

Animal Kingdom!! by Alison

This is Alison's 3rd enty - Animal Kingdom - with a lovely photo of the Tree of Life surrounded by animals and characters, Great colours and lovely embellishments, The letters and the background colours are perfect for this layout, Thank you, and Good Luck xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi All - sorry not posted on here much recently - that is what happens when the Children are home!! I hope that you all had a lovely Easter ...So - they are back to school now and hopefully (baby permitting!) I can get back to some sort of normality! I have some new items to list this evening If I get a chance to upload all the photos, and I have LOADS on order - as usual!! I just seem to spend spend spend these days!! I am working on putting together my kit for May -which is going to be lovely - a choice of 2 for May! I just hope everything comes in time!! if not then it will be a bit delayed!! So - don't forget that there is still time for you to enter my Challenge ... Speak Soon, Jo xxx

Sunshine Plaza

The Sunshine Fountain is the Icon for Disney's California Adventure Theme Park in Anaheim - and this is a "Sunny" layout from Karen for her 2nd Entry - I love the Disney Fountains - and love to go and see this one - one day! The Title is very efective and use of colours is and layering is great too! Thank You and Good Luck xx

The Muppets!!

This is Karen's 1st Layout - The Muppets - from Disney's California Adventure Theme Park in California. Love the Jolees on this layout - just perfect!! The colours are bright and cheeful and the journalling is great hidden behind the little book! Thank You - and Good Luck xx

Shamu - SeaWorld Icon

This is Alison's 2nd Entry - Shamu - one of the main icons when you think of Seaworld - one of our fav parks!! Lots to look at on this lovely layout - great colours and use of embellishments and love the ric rac too! Thanks again - and Good luck xx

Magic Kingdom Park Icons ...

This is Alison's 1st Entry for my Challenge - it is lovely and captures the very essence of the Magic Kingdom! Lovely use of embellishments and photos, Thank you and Good Luck xxx

Thursday, April 09, 2009

This is my 1st Entry for my new April Challege - "Park Icons", by Sarah. Sarah has cleverly managed to get all 4 main icons onto 1 layout, along with layering and some Mickey Heads!! It is a lovely bright layout using "Disney" colours - Thank You very much for starting things off - and Good Luck xx

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And The Winner Is ....

... Sarah with her lovely layout meeting Pooh and Friends at the Crystal Palace in WDW. It is a lovely fun, bright and colourful layout. A very big Thank You for everyone who entered I hope you all had fun - I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely layouts and it was REALLY hard deciding the winner as we all had our favourites! I may need to decide on a different way of judging next month as it is a really hard decision to make!! Details for Aprils Challenge will be set tomorrow ... Thanks Again, Jo xxx

MaGiCaL MoUsE MeMoRiEs

Magical Mouse Memories
April Monthly Kit
This is a sneak preview of my Monthly kit for April ... as you can see it is crammed full of bits and pieces themed for your Disney Scrapbooking. I have called it "MAGICAL MOUSE MEMORIES". There is also going to be a selection of other items available separately - for example - I have a kit for just brads, ribbons, bows etc so that you can add on to the kit or just purchase a few bits and pieces. I will be listing this tomorrow afternoon ( hopefully!) If not then it will definately be on in the evening!!