Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi - It has been a few days since I posted ... I had a very busy weekend - we all went out as a huge family group on Saturday for a meal down by the seaside as my Grandad died in June and Saturday would have been his birthday, there were 24 of us, on Sunday we went to my Husbands parents for Sunday Roast ( always better when you dont have to cook or wash up!) and then in between that I have been updating the photos and processing orders - I am about half way through the photos so hopefully tomorrow I can do some more - it is running alot quicker now.
I have baby massage again ( I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going already) and then Harry also has his last lot of injections tomorrow afternoon bless him so I have no idea what sort of mood he will be in tomorrow! Tonight I am making the most of it and making up orders to post tomorrow while he is asleep!! So eventually I will get to make those layouts that I have in my head that I really want to make....!!!

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