Friday, January 30, 2009


You can probably tell from the look on their faces that they love this ride too which is fairly new to the Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. I have only been on it once - it makes me feel tooooo dizzy as it is like the Tea Cups, but for some reason my boys LOVE to feel dizzy like this!! They went on this twice in a row this time as it was fairly quiet - probably as it was sooooo freezing cold!

I used: Checkered Flag 12" x 12" by Creative Imaginations and Disney Cars Jolees Boutique, along with the usual backing card, paper etc etc!

First I had to decide on the photos - it was a hard choice as I took so many of them on this as they were really enjoying themselves! I decided on 4 this time and couldnt choose between my cars design papers by Sandylion or this design - but liked the black and white contrast with the red and blue backing card. It took next to no time to do as I had already decided the layout of the photos in my head - then positioned the stickers and it was completed!!

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