Monday, June 29, 2009

New Music

Hi - I am trying to create a new Disney Music playlist so please "pardon my dust" if you can't hear the usual Disney Songs ... There is a new list at the bottom where the other one was but I need to re-create the list! I am getting there!!
The American Adventure Finale song is one of my favourite Disney World songs and always reminds me of my trip!!
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Friday, June 26, 2009

"Making a Splash" He's the Bomb by Julia

This is Julia's entry for my challenge - He's the Bomb - what a great layout! I love the way that the photos go down in this curved shape, the colours are great and work really well with the photos, I love the use of stickles around the layout too which give it a bit of watery sparkle! The water splats are sizzix and they too work really well. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Water Fun by Debra

This is Debra's 4th entry - "Water Fun" from the DisneyWater Parks. I love the circles on here creating the Mickey shape - this looks like the family water raft ride like I went on at Blizzard Beach - NEVER AGAIN!!! I love the positioning of the photos and the cute Goofy Embellishment too!! The background to this is actually handpainted as this design is on a 12"x12" canvas that hangs on Debra's wall - an excellent idea to display a beautiful creative layout, Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Manatees by Debra

This is Debra's 3rd entry for my Challenge - Manatees - at SeaWorld - this is a fabulous layout which shows these beautiful manatees, The swirls and the colours make it very relaxing to look at - just like it is in real life watching them swim around... Thank You and Good Luck xx

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Making a Splash" Life's a Beach by Debs

This is Deb's 4th entry - Life's a Beach - and what a fab sunny layout it is too! The shimmery water paper is perfect for this - and the Jolee's embellishments finish it off nicely - and how luck were they to have Mickey and Donald visit too!!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Splish in & Splash in by Debs

This is Deb's 3rd entry Splish in & Splash in ... These are great photos and show them having so much fun in the swimming pool - I love the bright stripey paper - it shows off the photos lovely... Just what you need on a hot day in orlando - a splash in the pool! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" SeaWorld by Debs

This is Deb's 2nd entry - Seaworld - the Shamu Show!! I love these photos from the Shamu show! Especially the one where everyone is getting soaked in the splash zone!!! The gorgeous blue watery paper is the perfect choice for this layout and goes beautifully with the Shamu Stadium! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Look at the Dolphins by Debs

This is Debs 1st Entry to my challenge - Look at the Dolphins at Seaworld! It is a really lovely layout and I especially love the Dolphin paper and the careful positioning of the dolphin photos ensures that you can still see it! I like the cute little quickutz dolphins too - they make great scrapbook embellishments! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Making a Splash" Big Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing by Karen

This is Karen's 3rd Entry - and it is a perfect layout which reflects a relaxing ride on the Riverboat which is a perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of Disneyland ... You always seem to see something new! The font is lovely and the paper used gives it an oldyworldy ( if that is a word) feel to it - just like the Riverboat! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Catastrophe Canyon by Karen

This is Karen's 2nd Entry - and believe me - if you havent been on this before - well you can't imagine any more water than this!! This is from Disneyland Paris - part of the back lot tour... and every time I go on it - I always have to make sure that I sit on the side of the vehicle so that I don't get WET!!! This is a really great layout - and I love the way that the title goes round - like the way that lorry falls down, catches fire and then this torrent of water pours out! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Les Pays Des Contes De Fees By Karen

This is Karen's 1st Entry to my Challenge... The Beautiful Storybook Ride in Disneyland Paris...This is one of my favourite rides and although I have been to DLP 8 times - I have only been on this a couple of times as they close it if it rains or it is really icy as it is an outside water boat ride! (last time I went it was completely iced over!!) Anyway - this is a beautiful layout - which shows all the lovely little scenes that you pass in the little boat. I love the wavy line at the top - a bit like bobbing along on the boat and The font that has been chosen goes really well. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Blue Horizon Extra Photos!

Here are the extra photos of the inside of Loralee's "Blue Horizons" layout... Such alot of work has gone into this - it is excellent - and there are just so many photos to look at and so much to see - it is almost like watching the wonderful show at SeaWorld all over again... I love the journalling that tells the tale of the show. Thanks again for sending these extra photos - and Good Luck xx

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Making a Splash" - Splash by Sarah

This is Sarah's 2nd Entry - Splash - photos taken from the pool at their villa - which looks lovely! The border top and bottom even matches the tiles around the pool! I love the way that the photos have been cut in a wavy line to make them look like waves and the positioning of the photos makes you feel like they are all bobbing around in the swimming pool - they all look like they are having great fun! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Just Add Water by Sarah

This is Sarah's 1st Entry - "Just Add Water" is a great layout from Wet and Wild Water Park on International Drive... I love the bubble paper that has been used and the circle theme running through the layout works really well ... Sarah has even cut the reciept into a circle! The colours and the layering are perfect with this too... Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Horizons by Loralee

This is loralees 3rd layout - the Horizons show in Seaworld, another great layout from another amazing Seaworld Show, Excellent photos and I love the little cut out one's in the corner. The way the photos are grouped and shaped is very reflective of the colours and shapes in the set of this show... There is a lovely pull out part which hopefully I will be able to show you later on in the week ... Loralee emails from Australia and the connection is not great where they live... Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Shamu Rocks America by Loralee

This is Loralee's 2nd entry "Shamu Rocks America" show in Seaworld - This is such a great show and so much of it is captured in this great layout, I love the way the photos are shaped - it gives so much depth and movement to the layout and you feel really part of the motion of the waves ... The colours of the title are great - very "Shamu"! ... question is - with those great photos - were you brave enough to sit in the Splash Zone!!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Nemo and Friends by Loralee

This is Loralee's 1st entry for my Challenge "Nemo and Friends" at Epcot - the living Seas... I love this part of Epcot - and how cute do her children look inside Bruce ( we have exactly the same photo of our children LOL!) The photos and embellishments go great with the Nemo paper - and what is so great about this is Loralee has cut round some of the underwater scene to position over the photos - this looks soooo effective - and the cutting is so neat! It must have taken ages! And I love the title wording - it all goes so well... Thank You and Good Luck xx

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Making a Splash" Surfer Dude by Debra

This is Debra's 2nd entry for my challenge - Surfer Dude - this is her husband again - this time he is at Universal Studio's City Walk! I love this great photo - and I am sure that most of you have exactly the same pose for members of your family ... I know I do!!LOL!! I love the paper used with this layout, the swirls and pattern are just perfect with the swirls of the crest of the wave and the lovely colours in it are typical of the bright and colourful City Walk! The Journalling is great too! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Splash Landing by Debra

This is Debra's 1st entry for my Challenge: "Splash Landing" is from Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park! This is a lovely layout with a great colour scheme of blue and green to match the beautiful blue sky and the greenery in the photo! The photos shows her Husband coming down the big water slide!! All I can say is - he is much braver than me!!! I also love the circles in this layout too. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" - Dine With Shamu by Louise

This is a beautiful layout for my "Making a Splash" Challenge by Louise. The colours that have been chosen: Black, Blue and White compliment the SeaWorld theme and the Shamu photos perfectly! Louise was really lucky to do the "Dine with Shamu" Something we would all love to do one day!! One large photo was chosen and then the rest of the photos cleverly pull out concertina style from underneath the lovely journalling! A brilliant idea to display all those wonderful photos!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" My Son's & My Layouts!!

This is the layout that my little boy Joshua aged 9 has done for my challenge - he loves scrapbooking and also loves Splash Mountain! He created all this himself, chose the photos, papers ( raided my shop!!) - the only thing I did was cut and mount the photos! Bless him! Obviously he hasnt "officially" entered the challenge - but he does like to take part when we have the time! LOL!!
Pop Century - Water Fun - This is my boys in the Hippy Dippy pool at the Disney Hotel - they had such alot of fun splashing around! I really enjoyed creating this bright and colourful layout - I printed off the "Pop" logo from the internet onto photo paper!! Hope you like it, xx

Celebration Fountains! These photos are my boys splashing about in the wonderful fountains at Disney's Town of Celebration - one of my favourite places - perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of WDW!! Firstly - they just got a little bit wet - and then gradually they got SOAKED!!! luckily it was so hot that they quickly dried off!! xx

Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Items!

Hi - I have so much more to list ... I am having a nightmare trying to list all my new items as it has taken so long to do all the photos! I have restocked the Disney World Four Parks papers... and I have some BRAND NEW WDW sticker sheets to list tomorrow among many other things - there are 5 x Four Park designs, 3 x Mickey, 3 x Minnie, 3 x Goofy, 3 x Daisy, 3 x Donald, 3 x Pluto, 3 x Goofy and 3 x all of the Disney Princesses and some Alphabet sticke sheets - some I only have 1 of each design at the moment to see how they go before I decide to order some more!! I have some Disney Jolees restocks too - then it is on with the general Jolees! I have lots of new designs and restocks for Zoo, Summer/Beach, Travel / Holiday , Fairy Toadstool, Dinosaurs, Theme Park, Fairytale, General USA and lots lots more... I hope to get them listed tomorrow - if not then it will be into the weekend... Thanks, Jo xx

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I love the Splash Mountain music - but it brings back BAD memories for me!!! How about you!!??

"Making a Splash" Splash Mountain by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 3rd entry for my Challenge "Splash Mountain" Zip a dee doo dah!!! I have only been on this once!! Never again! I thought I was going to fall out!! So they were very brave to go on this!! Don't let the cute music fool you!! This is a brilliant layout and the colours of the papers in the background match the sky and the mountain in the photo perfectly. I love the little pieces of ribbon tied around the lettering - it is very effective and all the words and the journalling just add to this lovely layout! ( what a contrast the weather looks from the previous Sunshine State layout!) Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" H2oh by Kirsteen

This is Kirsteen's 2nd entry for my Challenge - H2oh! Well - certainly alot of water here!! I love this layout - it's great! It must have taken such alot of time to do - cutting the photos into all those squares - but the effect is stunning and it is well worth the effort to do. Photos taken from their Villa in Orlando, The background colour is a gorgeous swimming pool blue which goes lovely with the pool water, the squares give the illusion of looking out from the swimming pool through the glass frame. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Making a Splash" Sunshine State by Kirsteen

This is my 1st entry this month for my new Challenge - by Kirsteen - and I just love it!! When we go to the "Sunshine State" we do expect the weather to be lovely - but I just love the black sky which is very menacing looking against the backdrop of Terror Tower - very apt! What a lot of rain! A brilliant layout - the black background is perfect! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Monday, June 01, 2009

And The Winner Is ...

... Helen's 4 page "Unforgettable Surprise!"
Thank you so much to everyone who has entered this month - there were sooo many to choose from and as you will see from the layouts below - it wasnt an easy task! I just love looking at the layouts that are entered and the standard is so high. We loved them all! Helen's Layout captured our hearts with the journalling and all the photos as well as the little pull out parts and the film strips along the bottom. The rest of Helen's photos of her layout can be seen below as there is so much to see!
I hope that you will all join in again this month "Making a Splash!" - Cant wait to see your layouts!
Thanks again to each and everyone of you that have sent me your layouts - as without them - the challenge wouldnt be able to go ahead! All the 10% discount and winner codes have now been emailed to you.

"Love a Parade" High School Musical by Loralee

This is Loralee's 3rd Entry for my Challenge - the High School Musical Parade... It is a wonderful layout with so many photos!! And the girls look gorgeous in their matching outfits too! The pocket at the top has a cd on with journalling, pictures and a video - which is perfect to keep those precious memories in, I love the embroidered title which matches perfectly and the ribbon and the heart at the top looks lovely too - along with the little Cheerleader! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Love a Parade" Dreams by Laura

This is Laura's entry for my Challenge - the DREAMS parade in Magic Kingdom 2007, Laura's 2 girls were chosen to take part in the Main Street "Dreams" parade - you can see from the look on their faces how pleased they are - even her Husband had to take part too!! Not sure he looks as pleased as the girls though!!! What a lovely layout! Love the red colouring which matches the Pom-Poms too! Thank You and Good Luck xx