Friday, July 31, 2009

And the Winner is ...

Julia! With her "Light Years Away" layout... we loved the fun photos, the bright Toy Story colours and the embellishements too ... Thank you very much again to everyone who has entered, the standard is always so high and it is really hard to choose! I love running the challenge and without any layouts it wouldnt be possible! The prizes and discount codes have been sent to everyone so if you have not received it yet then please let me know... I am off on holiday tomorrow so I hope to have some layouts for my new challenge to add when I get back!!! That is all from me for the moment as I have all my packing to do now! Thanks again everyone, Jo xxx

AUGUST KIT "Seaside" On Sale Now!!

My kit for August is called "Seaside" - very simply inspired by my forthcoming holiday by the sea ( it will probably rain but never mind!). Bucket and spade colours, Sun, Sea, Sand and Seashells - it contains all that you need for your Beachy layouts! Perfect for all ages so your children can join in too! Priced at only £9.99 it is a saving of nearly £3 buying the kit rather than the individual items!

There are lots of beautiful ribbons in the kit for you to use, in satin and dotty grossgrain

Lots of beautiful embellishments, stickers, and die cuts to enhance your layouts, all photorealistic to compliment your creations!

Anyway - I hope you like it!



Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Pixar Pals" Best of Friends by Hayley

This is Hayley's entry for my Challenge - Best of Friends taken in WDW last year during the parade. It is a great layout and it is lovely to see Bullseye too!! The title is very apt and I love the longer photos rather than the traditional size. The Toy Story tags are perfect for this layout and I love the colours too - very "cowboy"!! Yee Hah!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" Pizza Planet DLP by Diane

This is Diane's 2nd entry to my Challenge - Pizza Planet with Jessie and Woody at Disneyland Paris!! Diane says: "The kids were starving so we went to the first place we could find open. Eating pizza has never taken them so long. There were only three families in the whole restaurant so everyone had a great time with Woody and Jessie." well how lucky are they! I have been to DLP 8 times and always visit the Pizza Planet and never seen any characters in there - what a great time they had! I love the sparkly background to the photos and the postioning of the photos works well with the jolees embellishments. I love the Pizza Planet sign too! Underneath you can see close up photos of the title and the journalling! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" Downtown Disney by Diane

This is Diane's 1st entry for my Challenge ... This great layout is Downtown Disney on their very first day in WDW on their very first visit! and what a great place to find yourself in on your first morning than by these great Toy Story characters!! I love the title which are metal effect peel offs by papermania on a silver foil background - very effective - close up below! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" Incredibles by Loralee

This is Loralee's entry to my challenge - The Incredibles - this is what Loralee has to say about her layout "We were waiting for a pic with the Robinsons and Mr I came over and waved his fist at them. He was flexing his muscles and pointing at them. They had previously "gate crashed" one of his pics apparently." A great story! Love the journalling on this one too! The paper behind a few of the photos is a great way to mix plain and patterned together - an "incredible" layout!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" - Feeling Dizzy? by Jayne

This is Jayne's 2nd entry - with a great appropriate title for this DLP Cars Rally ride! Yes - it makes you VERY dizzy!! I love the bling round the photos - perfect for a bit of glamour at the studios! The positioning of the photos works really well around the title and embellishments, Jayne is in the Car along with her brother and then they all had photos with the other characters. ( Jayne is Diane's Daughter who sometimes enters my challenges too). Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" MGM Parade - Toy Story by Jayne

This is Jayne's 1st entry to my challenge - from the Stars and Cars parade in MGM in 2007 - one of their favourite parades and shows all the great Toy Story Characters. A lovely layout with perfect colour scheme to match the army men - love the use of the Toy Story paper cut into the strips, and the peel off lettering in those bright colours is very effective. Thank You and Good Luck xx

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Pixar Pals" Laser Blast by my little boy aged 8!!!

My little boy's entry for fun - he wasnt too happy that his older brother's layout made my front page so I promised I would put his on my blog!! They are sooo competitive!! Especially when it comes to Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast - something we all compete in for the best score - great when it breaks down and you can take some good photos as well as boost up your scores!!! Jacob arranged this all by himself - I helped with the cutting and sticking but all his own ideas!

"Pixar Pals" Toy Story by Julia

This is Julia's entry for my Challenge - Toy Story. Such a fun layout - I love the buzz blue paper and the stickers compliment it perfectly. The photos are double matted with colours to match and work well around the large photos of Julia's Children with Buzz and Woody! The title is very clever and ties it all in! The children look like they are really enjoying themselves! Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" Monsters Inc by Tracy

This is Tracy's entry for my Challenge - Monsters Inc! A lovely layout with a perfect "Mike" colours scheme. The circular shape is just like Mike too! I love the Glittery letters at the start of the title and I love ric rac on a layout too!! They look like they had alot of fun meeting Mike!! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Pixar Pals" Horsin Around By Helen

This is Helen's entry to my Challenge... Horsin' Around from Woody's Roundup Village in Disneyland Paris. What great fun to ride on Bullseye - they look like they are enjoying themselves so much! This is such a fun layout - and I love the Bullseye peeking into the layout! The colours and the embellishments go perfectly with this rootin-tootin layout! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Pixar Pals" Toy Story The Musical by Debra

This is Debra's 3rd Entry - Toy Story The Musical on board the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship in January this year! What a brilliant layout and a lovely chance to see something different - Disney Cruise and a Toy Story Show!! The positioning of the photos is perfect with all the embellishments and title running along the bottom. Debra made her own Toy Story Title by printing out a photo that she took from the show. The little Alien Toy Story border co-ordinates really well with all the other embellishments. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" Monsters Inc by Debra

This is Debra's 2nd Entry - Monsters Inc. I just love the colours used on this - very "Mike and Sulley"!! Debra made her own embellishments for this to match the "Monsters" colours! The coloured squares behind on the white background work really well. I love the title on the tag at the bottom. It is a great layout which shows what you can achieve with bits and pieces that are not Disney themed but still for Disney Scrapbooking. Thank You and Good Luck xx

"Pixar Pals" Hugging a Rat by Debra

This is Debra's 1st entry to my Challenge - Hugging a Rat - Debra was lucky enough to meet the characters in the USA in 2007 before Ratatouille came out over here!! The colours used are red, cream and blue - which are the colours for the French Flag. It is a really great layout and everything co-ordinates really well. The little flowers at the bottom are lovely too! Thank You and Good Luck xx

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Pixar Pals" MGM Studios Parade by Alison

This is my 1st entry for my "Pixar Pals" challenge this month - by Alison MGM Studios Parade. I love this layout! The way that the photos are cut into circles reflects the circular pattern on the ribbon - and organising the photos in the vertical stripe section is a contrast but effective! Lots of bright colours used - just like the characters in this colourful parade! The wording is cut on the cricut! Thank You and Good Luck xxx

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New July Kit - "Lazy Summer Days" ...

... NEW JULY KIT - "Lazy Summer Days" New!!! Take a peek!! Just Beautiful ...

Inspired by this beautiful weather that we have been having which hopefully marks the start of a long hot summer - my July kit is crammed full of beautiful items perfect for all your Summery themes, with a colour scheme of White Fluffy Clouds, Dreamy Blue Skies, Bright Sunny Yellow, Fresh Meadow green and a splash of Strawberry red - you will just love it! - Click on the photo to go straight to the kit!!


...Loralee's entry "Blue Horizons" from Seaworld...

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered this month - like last month - there were sooo many to choose from and as you will see from the layouts below - it just isnt an easy task! I just love looking at the layouts that are entered and the standard is so high - each month gets better and better! so "THANK YOU"

We loved them all but we especially loved the way that Loralee's layout had so much on it about the show - it was almost as if you could imagine the whole show if you hadnt see it already! The hidden journalling told the tale of the show in brief and there were pullouts here and there - and soooo many photos - it must have take ages to do! You need to scroll down the page if you want to see the extra photos of all the inside photos!

I hope that you will all join in again this month - as per your votes -"Pixar Pals" was chosen as the theme for July ( close 2nd - Day at Disney so I will probably choose that for August's theme ) - Cant wait to see your layouts!

Thanks again to each and everyone of you that have sent me your layouts - as without them - the challenge wouldnt be able to go ahead! All the 10% discount and winner codes have now been emailed to you and the Monthly Challenge page will be updated later on today with more info about this month's Challenge