Friday, January 30, 2009


Again - this is another of their favourite rides as you can probably tell from the photos - they love going up and down, they went on this one also twice in a row as it was really quiet. The 2nd time round Neil went up to the higher viewing Platform and took these wonderful photos - there were so many to choose from but I loved the look on Jacob's face! I am not keen on this up and down motion from this ride - but I do love the film Aladdin - and this is one of my Favourite Songs!

I used: Disney's Capture the Magic Jasmine Solid Colour and Jolees Boutique Aladdin and Jasmine Stickers, along with my white backing card, paper, etc

I alreay knew from the colours of these photos which background colour I wanted to use - it was difficult to choose the background for these photos but decided finally on white as it seemed to contrast well with the background colour and matched the fluffy clouds! I positioned the stickers firstly by cutting round each one on the plastic sheet as I couldnt decide where I wanted to put them - once I was happy I then peeled each one off and stuck them down. I then printed off my captions using my Disney Font. I decided that it needed a little Glitter ( we all love a bit of sparkly dont we!) so I used some of my Stickles Star Dust to dot around! A really quick and easy layout again - Hope you like it


You can probably tell from the look on their faces that they love this ride too which is fairly new to the Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. I have only been on it once - it makes me feel tooooo dizzy as it is like the Tea Cups, but for some reason my boys LOVE to feel dizzy like this!! They went on this twice in a row this time as it was fairly quiet - probably as it was sooooo freezing cold!

I used: Checkered Flag 12" x 12" by Creative Imaginations and Disney Cars Jolees Boutique, along with the usual backing card, paper etc etc!

First I had to decide on the photos - it was a hard choice as I took so many of them on this as they were really enjoying themselves! I decided on 4 this time and couldnt choose between my cars design papers by Sandylion or this design - but liked the black and white contrast with the red and blue backing card. It took next to no time to do as I had already decided the layout of the photos in my head - then positioned the stickers and it was completed!!


Whenever we go to Disneyland Paris or WDW we always have to go to Casey's Corner for a Hot Dog - I can take it or leave it but the Boys MUST have one!! So this time we went it inspired me to think of a layout so I took some photos of Casey's Sign and also other bits and bobs to use as embellishements for this layout!

I used: Magic 12" x 12" by Creative Imaginations, 2 x Hot Dog Die cuts by PaperHouse productions and a few little Mrs Grossmans stickers that I found in my stash!

It was very simple and easy to create. I firstly printed off the photos that I wanted to use - then trimmed them, including the photos I wanted to use for embellishments. Then I decided to back them in Yellow to match the paper and also to contrast with the red. I did fiddle around with all the bits and pieces for a few mins while I decided how best to arrange the items, then used double sided sticky tape to attach everything! I printed off my caption from my Printer using a Disney Font that I have downloaded - and that is about it!

Hope it doesnt make you tooooo hungry looking at it! My boys loved this layout when they came down this morning!!
Well, Harry is asleep after watching his daily dose of Mickey Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney ( yes - even at 4months he loves his Disney!!) I have raided the roses tin and now I am ready to upload some layouts I have been working on ... Then back to work with getting some orders ready to post tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi - well it has been a few days since I posted ... Baby massage was lovely - and then the dreaded injections afterwards made him a very grumpy baby! He is fine now! ( asleep at the moment so I am making the most of it!!)
I have uploaded my Disneyland Paris Photos - please take a look - it was soooo freezing cold there! You will see the ice and snow everywhere!
I have also listed some rare Disney Toy Story Paper Pizazz papers which are selling fast so please take a look if you love Toy Story as these don't come up very often ...
I have alot of orders to process and package today but tomorrow I will be uploading some new Layouts to my blog and also trying to decide on the scrapbook challenge!
So - that is all from me for the mo ... xxx

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi - It has been a few days since I posted ... I had a very busy weekend - we all went out as a huge family group on Saturday for a meal down by the seaside as my Grandad died in June and Saturday would have been his birthday, there were 24 of us, on Sunday we went to my Husbands parents for Sunday Roast ( always better when you dont have to cook or wash up!) and then in between that I have been updating the photos and processing orders - I am about half way through the photos so hopefully tomorrow I can do some more - it is running alot quicker now.
I have baby massage again ( I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going already) and then Harry also has his last lot of injections tomorrow afternoon bless him so I have no idea what sort of mood he will be in tomorrow! Tonight I am making the most of it and making up orders to post tomorrow while he is asleep!! So eventually I will get to make those layouts that I have in my head that I really want to make....!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I am still working on my photos - I have to change all the gallery ones to smaller size files so that they do not take so long to upload and it is sooooo boring!! I have done Disney Theme Parks and Rides, Mickey and Friends, Pooh and Friends, Disney Fairies / Tink, Peter Pan and I have nearly finished the Disney Princesses but I will be going to bed soon as I am soooo tired due to a certain little person in our house who doesnt have much sleep at night at the moment! ( mmm I wonder who that is!) Never mind - it has to be done but I can think of much better things that I would rather be doing - like Scrapbooking !!! I will continue with the photos over the weekend and hopefully by Monday my shop will be running much faster! I am sorry if it is causing any inconvenience... Hope you all have a nice weekend and it is not too wet where you are, Jo xxx

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi My photos are taking a while to upload at the moment which is making my site run a bit slow - I apologise about this and hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow / weekend at the latest as I need to reupload them with different file sizes! ( well my husband will need to LOL!) Nightmare! hopefully it wont take too long!
Hi - I didnt get to post yesterday - had a really busy day - I keep finding items in my craft room to list! Then I had to go to the post office, in the evening I spent 2 hours helping my 9 year old with his homework - he is in the "Brain Academy" at school and now gets really hard spelling homework! It was all to do with spelling strategies and even I found it hard - and I used to be a Teaching Assistant and I have an English Degree!!! Never mind ... I had a very " inspiring " day yesterday and have loads of ideas in my head - so tomorrow I am hoping to work on some new layouts so please have a look again soon to see them!
speak soon

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well - the Football is on so I have some time to myself ( which is rare!!) so I am busy listing items still! Harry enjoyed his Baby Massage and hopefully he will sleep well tonight ( but I doubt it!) xx
Hi - Managed to get some more items listed in the boys / sports Themes this morning while Harry had a nap - and now we are off to Baby Massage!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nearly Finished!!!!!

Hi Everyone - I have so nearly finished listing everything into my shop!! I have just a small amount of paper and about a stacking box of jolees stickers to go! I am sooo relieved as I feel like it has taken forever! I have also got some new items on order too which will be here soon. I hope to have finished listing everything by tomorrow evening / wednesday so please take your time to have a look around if there is anything you need. Dont forget to vote in my poll for a scrapbook challenge ... !

Tomorrow I am off to Baby Massage in the morning ...
speak soon Jo xxx

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peter Pan

Here is my Peter Pan Layout. I have had everything sorted for this for ages but not got round to doing it! The photos were taken in WDW about 4 years ago I think and my boys look soooo little!

Anyway - Firstly I used a darker green card to mount my cropped photos onto. Then I had a little play around to work out where it all went. I used photos also that I had taken of the Peter Pan's Flight sign and also the Pirate ship from Adventureland in Disneyland Paris last year. The paper is 12" x 12" Peter Pan by Sandylion, and the stickers are by Jolees Boutique and just lovely! It took next to no time to put together - I hope you like it! It is my new years resolution to do more Layouts!!

I have spent far too much time " blogging " this afternoon and not enough time listing items into my shop but never mind! Will do some more listing tomorrow as I am enjoying blogging!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who would be interested in a Weekly Challenge?

Hi All
I did a Peter Pan layout this afternoon that I had been meaning to do for months, which I will post in the gallery tomorrow.
It inspired me to thinking ... I was wondering ... I would like Scrapping The Magic to be more than just a shop and I thought that it may be a lovely idea to have a weekly challenge like I have seen on some other craft websites. Of course it would have to be mainly Disney / Themed! If anyone thinks that they may be interested in participating then please let me know - I would run this via my Blog. I know that most of you have been to Disney and if you are like me - you have loads of photos!! So - each week I would set a theme - for example Fantasyland - or Small World and then we could all see what we could come up with! It doesnt have to be items you have bought from me! Then also other people can be inspired who are perhaps new to scrapbooking or are a bit stuck for an idea.

If you dont want your family to be on " display" then you can always cover the photos of people up with a blank piece of card .. Let me know what you think... and please email me if you are interested in taking part
Hi - had a bit of a problem with the newsletter last night so working on a new form ( well my husband is!!) so if you havent had an email back from me to confirm you are on the list then please email me.

Have got all my orders ready to post tomorrow while Harry was asleep - had a hectic morning after doing the school run, occupying Harry, Feeding, a huge bottom blast from him - half a packet of baby wipes later and he is asleep and I can finally get on with my work!! I am hoping to do some layouts over the weekend that I have been wanting to work on for a while and the weather doesnt look good - so perfect day for Scrapbooking while Neil is home to baby sit!!!

Hope to list some more items tonight ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just listed some more bits! Some other water park / watery items in the Seaworld Theme, The Theme Park / Fun Fair items and the Music / Rock and Roll bits and pieces... off to bed now after giving Harry his last feed! Hope to get a good night sleep but it isnt likely!! never mind!!
Hi - not getting a great deal done today so far!!! Hope to list some more items tonight .Next will be listing the Theme Park /Days Out and the Birthday / food cupcakes etc themes. Harry is taking up a lot of time today! I have also got some orders to get ready to post tomorrow so have to do that first.
Hope you like my video of Jacob at Disneyland Paris!!!
I am hoping to upload some of my Disney photos here or on my facebook - and I cant wait to do some layouts as we took some really great photos!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here is Jacob entering the Twilight Zone in the queue for Pinocchio Disneyland Paris

A quick update!

I have listed items in the Zoo / Safari category this evening. Have lots more still to go ...
speak tomorrow

More Items Added to my Store

I managed to list some more items in some of the other themes last night! I had to do most of it jiggling Harry on my knee as he just doesnt seem to go to sleep anymore!!! I have listed the PIRATES, FAIRYTALE, DINOSAURS, OUTERSPACE and also the DISNEYLAND PARIS postcards. I have started the Zoo section but then surprise surprise Harry woke up from his rather short nap! It is like his brain is tuned into mine - I sit down to do something and his brain clicks into action!! He does like staring at some of the stickers as I list them! in particular the pirate flag ones - I suppose as they are black and white he can see them quite clearly! Hopefully I can get some more items listed tonight!! Neil has sorted out the GUESTBOOK and also the NEWSLETTER sign up page now so all is well!!
speak soon

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Harry Has Reflux!

Have taken him to the Doctors this morning as he has been very unsettled with his feeding and he has reflux which is not good!! He is very sicky! Hopefully he will start to get a bit better with the medicine that he has been given...

We had a lovely time in Disneyland Paris - it was bitter cold but luckily we had our thermals! There was quite a bit of snow around which made everything very pretty! The boys really enjoyed themselves and Harry got to meet Mickey Mouse for the first time!! We have some lovely photos which hopefully I will get round to Scrapbooking soon ...!

I am hoping to get the Guestbook and Newsletter sign up sorted out later on today, I would also like to list some more items today ( when Harry eventually goes asleep!!!) - I will be doing the Zoo / Safari and Theme Park Categories next. I have some more photos to add to my Gallery too ...

All outstanding orders from when I was away have been posted - Thank you!

Speak soon


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hi again
I have listed all the Travel / Holiday items now too! ( In between feeding, changing and amusing Harry! Looking after him is a full time job in itself!! bless him!! The sooner he can help me the better - but I have a long time to wait as he is only 3 months old!! he is sooo cute though! He does like staring at my computer at the Disney items!!
So - I am gradually getting there and still have a lot to do
I hope that you like it so far!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hi, well it is alot quieter in our house today - yes you guessed it - the boys are back to school so it is just baby Harry and me again!! I have managed to get quite alot done in between feeding and bottle washing lol!! I have finished listing the Halloween items ( although not all the photos work at the moment ( a job for Neil to do when he gets home this afternoon!) and I have even got my orders ready to post this afternoon and now I have a bit of time for some Chocolate Orange!!

I will be unable to go to the post office from tomorrow 7th until Monday 12th January so please bear this in mind if you want to place an order.

Speak soon

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It is taking sooooo long to take down all our Christmas decorations!! I would much rather be working on my shop!!LOL!!! Anyway - I am hoping to list some more items Mon, Tues and Weds so will let you know when I have done those and which themes they are in.

I am zooming up the TopUK 50 Scrappers list - thank you! I have had so many views to my shop and quite a few orders too - I am so pleased that it is all working out ok. It was such a gamble breaking away from ebay and I am really grateful for all the support and emails that I have received from you all.

Thanks again

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Today I created my blog!! I have never done anything like this before so it is all new to me!! Hopefully I will fathom this out!

Happy New Year to you all