Friday, February 13, 2009

Instructions For Making Disney Style Sizzix Woody

Here are my instructions for you to make your Disney Style Sizzix Woody mini kit available to purchase in my shop. Or if you want to have a go at making your own if you have the sizzix dies.

This is what you will receive in your mini kit to make Woody ( specific details available from the listing in my shop:

This shows which pieces you will need to trim and what they should look like afterwards:

1) If you want cheeks - you need to add these first with decorating chalks.
2) Next - the face - if you use gel pen make sure it is completely dry before going any further to avoid smudging.
3) Stick the hair on and then the cowboy hat
4) Stick on his blue legs to make his trousers
5) Next stick on the cowboy boots
6) Trim the yellow part sizzix body that you will use to make his shirt and stick on
then using gel pen carefully draw on the checked pattern with a ruler
7) Making sure the shirt is dry if you have used pen ,then stick on the brown piece of card for the belt, then cut the white card top as shown above and shape to make his waistcoat.
8) Decorate the waistcoat with gel pen to make the print, and then when you are sure it is dry stick on the gold padded star! I have also highlighted the boots and hat with some gold gel pen.
Then your Woody should look like this one below!


  1. Love your projects....makes me wish I was a kid again, or at least had some little ones at home!

  2. wow thats great!!, woody looks fab.

  3. I have played with my sizzix people for an absolute age but you are making want to dust them off

  4. i hadn't thought about using my sizzix people to make disney characters, but I know a little girl who adores Woody and Jessie who will NEED these kits!