Friday, February 13, 2009

Instructions For Making Disney Style Sizzix Jessie

Here are my instructions for you to make your Disney Style Sizzix Jessie mini kit available to purchase in my shop. Or if you want to have a go at making your own if you have the sizzix dies.

This is what you will receive in your mini kit to make Jessie (specific details available from the listing in my shop):

This shows which pieces you will need to trim and what they should look like afterwards:

1) If you want cheeks - you need to add these first with decorating chalks.
2) Next - the face - if you use gel pen make sure it is completely dry before going any further to avoid smudging.
3) Stick the fringe on first and then position the bunches hairstyle vertical behind her head, stick down and then add the bow.
4) Stick on her Cowboy Hat!
5) Cut the Yellow and White part sizzix bodies like I have done in the photo above and position the pieces , then stick, then use the white strip for the collar - trim any excess.
6) Stick on her shoes
7) Trim the trousers to make them slimmer and then cut the white pair of trousers as per my photo above and stick those on.
8) Stick on her belt and cut each piece neatly at the side.
9) Decorate with liquid pearls if desired and then use gel pens for the pattern on her shirt, belt detail and the cow print on the trousers.

Then your Jessie is finished and should look like this one below!


  1. These are a labour of love, they are jsut great!

  2. yes - they are definately a labour of love! I just love my little people!!