Monday, August 09, 2010

Come and Find the Toys!!

The Toys are Back In Town!! So this month we invite you to come and find them in our store!! They have lost their way from the Day Care Centre! All you need to do to enter is come and take a peek for them - they are somewhere within one of our Disney Categories. Competition closes on the 31st August. Winner will receive £10 and everyone else a 10% discount code! All entrants will be displayed here in the order which they are received! Thanks for entering and "Good Luck" xxx
1. Kate
2. Steph
3. Cassie
4. Janine
5. Zahra
6. Susan
7. Gill
8. Arika
9. Yvonne
10. Jayne
11. Sue R
12. Bethan
13. Rachel T
14. Paul
15. Jane H
16. Susan Smith
17. Fran M
18. Kirsteen
19. Alison W
20. Lisa R
21 Emma D
22. Debbie W
23. Anne A
24. Sarah D
25. Helen S
26. Jolene
27. Sue K
28. Sharon G
29. Michelle D
30. Susan A
31. Alison K
32. Lisa R

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