Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Pixar Pals" Pizza Planet DLP by Diane

This is Diane's 2nd entry to my Challenge - Pizza Planet with Jessie and Woody at Disneyland Paris!! Diane says: "The kids were starving so we went to the first place we could find open. Eating pizza has never taken them so long. There were only three families in the whole restaurant so everyone had a great time with Woody and Jessie." well how lucky are they! I have been to DLP 8 times and always visit the Pizza Planet and never seen any characters in there - what a great time they had! I love the sparkly background to the photos and the postioning of the photos works well with the jolees embellishments. I love the Pizza Planet sign too! Underneath you can see close up photos of the title and the journalling! Thank You and Good Luck xx

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